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English Language Unit of Engineering & Petroleum

English 221 Section 55 - Fall 2008

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman





Part 1 (Before Midterm)



Final Paper Due: Submit here



Group Number




Instructor's Comment

Student's Reason for Changing Topic















Reem, Afnan, Amal














Nuclear Energy














benefits and concerns


benefits and uses










OK..This is a hot topic that is useful and interesting!




Please start writing your thesis sentence, outline, and the first draft of your reasearch paper. Thanks!







hello doctor
we are group(1),we change our topic to hovercraft ,and we start at friday 27of april,

we send for you our outline.


before topic was difficult but this one is easy topic and we find alot of sources about it











Ragad, Amal, Najlaa








Global Position System

GPS in kids tracking



Ok Group 2, you have changed your topic to GPS, which is fine; however, you need to decide on an aspect ASAP.




Our first topic was IMAX and we changed it to be GPS FOR TRACKING KIDS.

we strat working on the new topic on April ,25,2007.

we change our topic because we didnot find sources  (books ,articles)

related to  our topic .




















Wadha, Manal, Fajer

































You are very late!!



Please hurry up and select a topic to avoid facing difficulties at the end!

Please note: I waited for you in my office for our scheduled meeting today, Sunday, April 29, at 11:30-12:00; however, you have not shown up!!! I'm sorry you cannot reschedule for another face-to-face meeting but you can meet online if you wish before Wednesday, May 2nd, 07. Thanks!










Naifah, Noura O., Modi



















An easy process for water purification






OK. Your new topic is good and sounds interesting!



The aspect is OK..Please start writing your thesis sentence, outline, and the first draft of your research paper. Thanks!



WE ARE GROUP 4.Our first topic was COLOUR THERAPY and we changed it

to DISTILLATION. we strat working on THE topic on April 28,2007. we changed our topic because we couldn't find any book related to colour therapy in the library.






Moudi, AlAnood, Somaya, Noura S. AURA Video Station   This sounds an interesting topic, and I've found this link about it. However, what aspect are you going to tackle?  





























Ohood, Ghazia, Heba






















































(3d animation)



























Comupter Animation is a subfield of animation that is created by means of 3D animation or 3D computer graphics. So, it is better if you talk about Computer Animation and then tackle the issue of creating it by 3D animation. What do you think? Please read this article for more information about your topic. Thanks!


















Hi,We group (6)

our new title is

Black box: Key to disaster investigations


and we begin it on Monday(30-4- 07) after the meeting


because the resources hard to find and their is no time, also our

new topic (black box )is easir to get info. about it





























Fatma, Nouf, Dana













Fire-Alarm system












Types of












You are very late!!



Please hurry up and select a topic to avoid facing difficulties at the end!

Update (April 29): I am not sure what you mean by just (Sensors); if you plan to write about the types of sensor and then focus on the one you think is best, it is fine. Please rewrite your thesis sentence, outline, and first draft report ASAP.




Part 2 (April 21 - 25)


  1. Outline your final research paper. (This is your plan or guidelines set to help you think and write a good report)
  2. Wrtie the first draft of your final Research Report (Group-writing):
    1. Go to http://www.infoplease.com/homework/writingskills2a.html#first (found at InfoPlease.com)



Part 3 (April 28 - May 2)


  1. Group-Teacher Meeting Week begins. (See the meeting schedule here).
  2. Discussions will be focused on your thesis statement, outline, and final draft of your Research Report.
  3. Upload your outline to this Wiki pageor submit it in a hard copy format on the day of your meeting with your instructor.


Part 4 (PowerPoint Presentation - May 5-12)

  1. Create visual aids for final group-presentation using power point slides, html files, or any other appropriate application:
    1. Go to How to Make Good Presentations (Oral Presentation Guidelines Published at the Vancouver Congress, 2005).
    2. Go to Ten Top Slide Tips by Garr Reynolds at: http://www.garrreynolds.com/Presentation/slides.html#Top
  2. Learn some presentation techniques and language, (expressions and words used at presentations).
  3. Download the handout on Signposting_Technique.doc ( Presentation Techniques & Language Handout).
  4. Oral Presentation Week begins on May 5, 2007 - Please go to Group-Presentation Schedule


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