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Group-Presentation Schedule

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Oral Presentation Week Begins on Saturday, May 5, 2007

  • Please be prepared for your in class presentation. Read the Oral Presentation Guidelines and Tips Handout provided to you, earlier in class.
  • You can upload your power point file to the table below so that we can use it as a backup copy in case anything goes wrong!
  • The order of group-presentations listed on the table below is based on the raffle we did in class, on Wednesday, May 2, 2007.



Student Name

Date & Time


Presentation duration

Discussion duration

Power Point File


Group 7 Fatma, Nouf, Dana Sat., May 5 @ 12:30 Fire-Alarm System: Types of Sensor 9 minutes 6 minutes   Fatma delivered! She got a baby girl:) Congratulations..Dana just SMSed and then called (it's 9:10 pm) to inform;  she mentioned that it's too late for her and Nouf to rehearse Fatma's part!  They want to reschedule..I'm going to ask the class now via YG to see who is ready to switch date and time with them..
Group 1 Reem, Afnan, Amal Mon., May 7 @ 12:10 Hovercraft 9 minutes 6 minutes    
Group 2 Ragad, Amal, Najlaa Mon., May 7 @ 12:30

Global Position System For Tracking Kids

9 minutes 6 minutes   Glopal position system_Group 2_.ppt 
Group 5 Moudi, AlAnood, Somaya, Noura S. Wed., May 9 @ 12:10 AURA Video Station 12 minutes 8 minutes    
Group 6 Ohood, Ghazia, Heba Wed., May 9 @ 12:30 Black Box Technology: Key to Disaster Investigations 9 minutes 6 minutes    
Group 4

Naifah, Noura O., Modi


Sat., May 12 @ 12:10 Distillation: An Easy Way For Water Purification 12 minutes 8 minutes    


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